To guarantee you are buying authentic Peacefull products, purchase them from Peacefull.com, Sephora.ae, and Sephora stores.
Of Course! Peacefull is against any animal testing of any sort nor will we ever allow our manufacturers to conduct any animal testing on our behalf. We strongly condemn animal testing of any kind.
YES! We took into consideration the increase in wheat allergies and gluten intolerances around the world and we are aware of how stressful it is to look for products that are truly inclusive.
OF COURSE! No nasty ingredients here. Not only Paraben free, we are also free of sulfates and phthalates.
Technically, yes we are! We do not use synthetic scents. We only use flower extracts that are naturally harvested and fruit extract oils to provide your skin with the maximum healing and soothing properties, not to mention, our products have a light, pleasant aroma!
It’s as low as 0.02%. We understand the significance and the power of aromas and its holistic benefits in general. It plays a major role in elevating one’s mood, mind and overall well-being specially. Moreover, we made sure the low concentrations will not overwhelm you and they disappear almost instantly.
Our Hya Centella collection is 100% free of any animal ingredients. Our skin care products are plant based.
Yes, our face wash, toner and moisturizer are all alcohol free.
No, we are a proud UAE start up based in Dubai. All our formulas are patented and manufactured exclusively to Peacefull Cosmetics LLC.
NO! Our formulas took two years to create from scratch. Our products go through rigorous testing to ensure we deliver the best innovative formulas and packaging to you. All formulas are patented to Peacefull Cosmetics LLC.
Peacefull products are the only products that are made with the climate and lifestyle of the Middle East at the forefront of its development. The products are designed for YOU. Each and every single product has gone through rigorous testing from formula to the actual packaging. Our skin care products have been tested in heat chambers of 50 degrees for up to three months to ensure our formula doesn’t split or change and to keep up with our harsh weather.
We value safety and hygiene of our customers and employees so much, in light of the current covid restrictions across the world we have partnered with a robotic fulfillment center to minimize touch points and potential contamination. Our products go through several sanitization stations before they’re finally packed and dispatched to you by ROBOTS. Our products are stored in controlled temperature and environment to ensure the safety of our formulas.
Peacefull is an Emirati Skin Care Brand based in Dubai, UAE.
Peacefull skin care products are created by the best formulators in Korea. We picked one of the best factories in the world to manufacture our products and ensure we bring the latest innovation in the skin world to you.
Our Hya Centella collection’s active ingredients are a mixture between Korean active ingredients such as Cica and Korean Mugwort and a well-known active ingredient called Hyaluronate Sodium. We are proud to say that with every Peacefull Collection we introduce, we will include more variety and diversity in our products with a larger selection of active ingredients. Get to know more about our active ingredients .
We are proud to announce that we are ESMA approved. To be ESMA approved is a big deal! It means Peacefull skin care products meet the excellence and quality of standards set out by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Meteorology, a Federal UAE Authority established by UAE Federal Law (28), 2001.