Threads of Hope

  • Our T-Shirt Towel Project is a heartfelt collaboration with RefuSHE, a remarkable organization that supports refugee women in their journey towards self-sufficiency, education, and safety. 

    Each T-Shirt Towel is a true work of art, meticulously handcrafted with the vibrant tie-dye design by female artisans, whereby no two towels will be alike. Through this traditional artisanal technique, we aim to keep cultural traditions alive while celebrating the beauty of diversity. 

    But their beauty doesn’t stop there. The T-Shirt Towels are sustainably produced and sourced, repurposing plastic into the fabric used. By transforming waste into something functional and beautiful, we are contributing to a cleaner environment and actively reducing our ecological footprint.  

  • Our project goes beyond creating one-of-a-kind products. Every purchase of these T-Shirt Towels will make a profound impact on the lives of women. By investing in their talents and skills, our purpose is to provide refugee women with opportunities to rebuild their lives, for themselves and their families. 

    With Threads of Hope, we aim to bridge cultures, promote sustainability, and foster empowerment. The T-Shirt Towels become more than just a functional and fashionable item – but a symbol of hope and a catalyst for change. 

    Join us in supporting refugee women in their journey towards empowerment and resilience. 

She And Her Dignity - A Documentary by Salama Mohamed

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