Our Story
Hi, I'm Salama
and I'm blessed with Vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a condition where white patches bloom on your skin due to lack of melanin. I have super-sensitive skin, and it’s always been a challenge finding products that work for it.

I’m also blessed to be from the Middle East — the United Arab Emirates in particular. Our summers are hot and our winters balmy. We see large swings in temperature, and that plays havoc with imported skincare products.

Global beauty brands have multi-billion dollar research and marketing budgets. Yet, I’m a little saddened by how little attention they seem to pay to the Middle East and the large number of people this region represents – people with all skin types and conditions.

As I grow older, I want to belong. I want to represent. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin, sensitive though it is. Yet I couldn’t find a beauty and skincare line that was designed for me, and others like me. I couldn’t find products that would sit on my skin like second skin.


And that’s how Peacefull came about. The spelling isn’t a typo — the extra “L” in Peacefull just shows how much peace, sustainability and love we’ve poured into our products to go with incredible ingredients and years of research.

Peacefull is my pride and joy — and I’ve spent a long time developing the right formula for every product under the brand, working with some of the best formulators across the world.

With Peacefull, I want us to wave goodbye to skin that feels like a glazed doughnut after we’ve applied products. I want us to not have to deal with formulas that split apart and curdle if you leave them in the heat. And, most importantly, I want us to be able to enjoy products that are designed for our skin types and temperatures.

Peacefull is about being at peace with yourself, your skin, and your heritage. It’s about belonging, about feeling welcome, and knowing that there is a brand out there designed by someone like you, for people just like you.

I really hope you’ll love using our products as much as I’ve loved making them. Have a Peacefull day.

Our Vision

We are Peacefull and this is what we stand for, join the movement

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