Our Love for Face Oil

Our Love for Face Oil

Once upon a time, people all over the world, turned to oils to treat their hair, nails and skin - Cleopatra being the number one fan.

But, at some point in time, the once-prized oils, ranging from rose and jojoba to argan, were given a bad reputation, blaming them for clogged pores, irritations and breakouts.

We must understand that oil is NOT the enemy - Actually it is an essential ingredient to include within your skincare routine.

Our skin’s natural oil products will decrease as we grow older, leading the moisture barrier to weaken. When water within our skin is lost, it leads to dehydration and at times, an increase in oil production which is the reason why blotting papers are for!

Face oils actually maintain and strengthen the moisture barrier, locking in hydration.

Here’s a fun bonus fact: When your skin’s barrier is restored, it can better absorb other ingredients i.e. from your moisturizer, your eye cream, sunscreen etc.

Yes, this also applies to oily skin! It can be a very difficult to understand for those with an oily skin type, but oil-on-oil results in stabilizing the oil flow, which calms the skin.

Consider this the all-clear you need to make like Cleopatra and add our Oat Kernel Oil Like Essence to your routine.

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