Traveling with Radiant Skin: Your Pre, During, and Post-Trip Skincare Guide

Traveling with Radiant Skin: Your Pre, During, and Post-Trip Skincare Guide

Traveling can be an exciting adventure, but it can also take a toll on your skin. From exposure to different climates and environmental factors to changes in your skincare routine, your skin might need extra attention. I’m here to guide you through the essential skincare practices to maintain healthy, glowing skin before, during, and after your travels. Bon voyage!

What to Pack?

Skin loves consistency, so this isn’t the right time to try a new exfoliant. It is best not to change up your normal skincare routine. Stick to the products that you know are suitable for your skin, without causing any irritation or breakouts.

Hydration starts from the inside out! Drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables. My go-to pre-flight snacks are blueberries!

Make sure to pack your reliable hydrating moisturizer to lock in moisture. Well-moisturized skin will better withstand the effects of in-flight air conditioning or dry climates.

I ALWAYS pack sunscreen. Regardless of your destination's climate, always apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It is the closest thing to the fountain of youth!

When Traveling:

I try to adapt my skincare routine to suit the specific weather conditions of the chosen destination. Here are some of my tips:

1- I pack min-hydrating face mists that include ingredients like aloe vera or rose water to refresh my skin.

2- I limit the amount of makeup so that I can let my skin breathe. If I must wear makeup, I go for lightweight products.

3- I always make sure to have cotton pads with me so that I can apply the toner even when on-the-go!

When You’re Back Home:

Once you’re back from your trip, your skin may need some extra care to recover from the stress of travel. I know mine does!

I turn to my trusty cleanser to remove any accumulated dirt and impurities.

Lack of sleep during travel can lead to tired-looking skin - And my secret weapon to fighting jetlag? Enter our Peptide Eye Cream that perfectly de-puffs and brightens your under-eye area.

Traveling is a wonderful, incredible experience -but never forget to give your skin that little extra TLC!


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